36 Sticker Set Baby Girl Monthly Milestone Stickers for 1st Year | Includes Months, Milestones, and Holidays

$ 12.95

Baby month and milestone stickers are a great way to document your baby’s monthly growth in their first year of life. When your newborn celebrates each new month, holiday or milestone, grab the appropriate sticker, stick it on your infant's bodysuit or shirt, snap a photo, and you will have the perfect photo prop to capture the moment. These stickers will make your photos truly special and make your memories last a lifetime. They make perfect baby shower gifts and presents for the holidays

This deluxe set has 36 stickers which includes Months 1-12, 12 Milestone Stickers and 12 Holiday Stickers. Each sticker measures approximately 4 inches in diameter and comes individually cut. The stickers comes in nicely packaged box which is perfect for gift giving. Inside the box, it has a PVC storage container to protect and store your stickers. Stickers are professionally printed with bright colors and have a matte lamination over them to protect them from ripping and water. Each sticker measures approximately 4 inch in diameter.

36 Sticker Set Includes--


1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 4 Months, 5 Months, 6 Months, 7 Months, 8 Months, 9 Months, 10 Months, 11 Months, 12 Months


Just Born, My First Tooth, I Can Stand, I Can Roll Over, I Can Sit Up, My First Word, My First Haircut, I Can Crawl, Slept All Night, My First Smile, My 1st Solid Food, I Can Walk


My First Birthday, My First New Year's Day, My First Valentine's Day, My First St. Patrick' Day, My First Easter, My First Mother's Day, My First Father's Day, My First 4th of July, My First Halloween, My First Thanksgiving, My First Christmas, My First Hanukkah